The National Association of Medical Spa and Rehabilitation centers (Association) represents fourteen organizations providing medical spa, medical rehabilitation treatment and health promotion services in Lithuania.

The Association was established in 1995.

2019 07 09 The National association of Medical SPA and Rehabilitation centers had an honor to present the association’s activities, goals and innovations at the international conferences InnovaSPA.
Event was visited by representatives from 7 countries (FR, HU, LV, PL, RO, PT, SI). European Commissioner for Health and Food safety Vytenis Andriukaitis introduced proposals of European Commission for health and well-being: lessons to be learnt in Lithuania.


  • to actively participate in the formation and implementation of the health policy pertaining to medical spa, medical rehabilitation treatment and health promotion services;
  • to represent the interests of the Association members in state and municipal institutions and international organizations as well;
  • to assist members of the Association with organization and management of services, marketing and other strategic issues;
  • to organize the publicity of the Association, public relations;
  • to contribute to the qualification improvement, trainings and seminars for the personnel of the Association members.


  1. VšĮ Palangos reabilitacijos ligoninė
  2. AB Birštono sanatorija „Versmė“
  3. VšĮ „Tulpės“ sanatorija
  4. UAB „Draugystės sanatorija“
  5. VšĮ Abromiškių reabilitacijos ligoninė
  6. AB „Eglės“ sanatorija
  7. UAB „UPA MCT“
  8. UAB „Grand SPA Lietuva“
  9. UAB SC „Energetikas“
  10. UAB „Birštono šaltinis“
  11. UAB „Namita“  (FDRC Nemunas)
  12. UAB “Raminora” (SPA Vilnius)
  13. UAB “Palangos Linas”
  14. UAB „Palangos žvorūnė” (Gradiali Palanga)